Although we’d like nothing more than to see you all in the theater, we recognize that the Coronavirus has other plans. However, we are still committed to sharing the theater with our dedicated patrons, and have made the move to monthly online shows. Click on 2020 Season to read more, or scroll down to see our upcoming production. 


Our next production will be South of Cape Horn, written by George Faulkner and directed by Tylar Jahumpa. 

 This online show is set to air on Friday, November 20th at 7pm. Tickets are available by clicking on the green button below.

 South of Cape Horn is a radio play, originally produced by the Cavalcade of America series, and first aired in December 1949. This radio play tells the story of the sighting of Antarctica by Captain Nathaniel Brown Palmer, a 21 year old seaman who was born and raised in Stonington, Connecticut.  He set sail with a small crew and sailed the furthest south anyone had been before, ultimately laying eyes on the Antarctic continent. The original broadcast featured Mickey Rooney in the role of Captain Nat. 

 The cast are all based on real historical figures. For more information on Captain Nat and the discovery of Antarctica, visit the Stonington Historical Society at 

If you are new to joining us virtually, we know it can be confusing. Follow the steps below to ensure you don’t miss another show!

We use Eventbrite as our ticketing platform for online shows. When you click the green button above, it will take you to the Eventbrite page. If you don’t have an account already, you will need to register for free before you can use the platform. Once you are logged in, click Tickets. 

Enter your donation amount and fill out your contact information. Click the orange “Place Order” button at the bottom. 

Once you have checked out, you will receive a confirmation. You can click on view tickets (shown above), or wait for the email from Eventbrite with the Zoom link. Either way, it will take you to the Online Event Page, shown below. 

Currently, the Zoom feed is not live, since the show has not started. The lower half of this page, where you see the portrait, should be playing the video the night of the show.

 If it is not, click on it, and it will prompt you to login to your Zoom account. At that time, it should connect you with the live Zoom play.


The day of the performance, you will receive an email from Event Brite, which will have a button to click to bring you to the Event Page. We recommend attempting to login about ten to fifteen minutes prior to show time, to ensure you have enough time to troubleshoot if need be. 

Thank you, and enjoy the show!

The Granite Theatre needs your support. Like many businesses and non profits in the local area, we have been hit hard by Covid-19. If you or someone you know loves the Granite, and wants to help us, please consider making a donation on our GoFundMe.


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