The Foursome

The 2015 season opened with "The Foursome," which runs though Sunday, March 29th.

Home for their 15th Reunion, four college chums hook up for a round of golf and share their successes and failures. But this isn't a comedy about golf or even about men - it's a comedy about what time does to us all. It's about the way we move away from life's possibilities as the years tumble on and how memory intervenes in the present to create a seductive euphoria about the past.

In this production the hole-in-one-liners come fast and furious, with chuckles every few lines and a major guffaw a minute, much of the latter will issue from the women in the gallery. At first there's a lot of one-upmanship, posturing about how well each one has done, until the truths start to emerge, and you begin to realize that they're just ordinary guys and that they all have faults and failings. It doesn't matter if you don't know a sand trap from a fairway, THE FOURSOME -- is hilarious. And yes, you'll get the golf jokes.

Directed by Brian Olsen

CAMERON........Keith Brayne
TED............Tim Cavanaugh
RICK...........John Cillino
DONNIE.........Steve Spartano