ReaperAd updated2“Many Sides to the Reaper” is based on the true story of a Mafia hit-man, set in 1980s Brooklyn, NY. Sal is a family man, businessman and a Made man with the Columbo family and that's just half the story.

Come experience the many sides to this complicated character as you get a glimpse into, what is sometimes hard to believe, his real life.
Written & Produced by Nick Albanese (The Last Sicilian)

Full Cast:

Nick Albanese as Sal Scarbella
Chantell Arraial as Bianca Scarbella
Rachel Nadeau as Christina Scarbella
Patricia Whittaker Elliott as Mama Scarbella
John Cillino as Lenny Demato 
Mike Gambit Daniels as Joey Persico
Mario Carneiro as Marco Leone
Bob Mignarri as Vinny De Luca
Regan Eysman Franklin as Dr. Rebecca Greenberg
Bob Kent as Ricky Perroni