New Online Ticketing


(Non-subscribers only)
Click on the READ MORE button
on any show. 

Choose the performance you'd like to attend, choose available seat(s), and fill in the online form. You'll
receive a confirmation email . . .and you can print your tickets by clicking the small print button in the email.*

Just bring your ticket to the theatre, and take your seat. No more waiting in line! Subscribers, your tickets
are waiting at the Box Office and will be handed to you when you arrive. Of course, you can still reserve a seat
and pay when you arrive.

IMPORTANT: If you require a Handicapped Parking space, you MUST call the Box Office and confirm a reservation with a Box Office Agent.

If you need to exchange your tickets, please call the Box Office at 401-596-2341 and leave a mesage, we'll get back to you.

* We print copies of every ticket purchased in advance, so don't worry if you don't have a printer, you tickets will be waiting at the theatre.