Box Office & Group Sales

To purchase tickets, please use our easy on line ticket ordering which appears below each
show page. Click on "Read More" and a listing of performances will appear. Choose the seats
you'd like and choose the type of ticket (General, Senior or child).

Then enter your credit card information.

Enter your email address and you'll recieve an automated email confirmation.

Subscribers need to call the Box Office for tickets at 401-596-2341

Handicapped parking can only be reserved by phone, but there is a "customer comments" field where you can note that you'd like one of the six HCP spaces that are available. BUT it must be confirmed by telephone.

You can leave a message on our voice mail system anytime and a ticket agent will get back to you, often within 24 hours.

Box Office Hours:

Wednesdays  2 to 6 pm

Performance evenings (some Thursdays,) Friday, Saturday 5 pm to 9 pm

Sunday matinees, 12 pm to 3 pm

Here's a good idea:

Organize "A Night at the Granite" with your professional or social organization or plan some fun
entertainment for a really different Family Reunion - a great idea for visitors, too.

Call the box office at 401-596-2341 to schedule your group.